Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avene Skin Recovery Cream

Besides its Spring Water, Avene has various product lines that cater to all types of sensitive skin, from very dry skin to normal and oily skin. All of Avene products contain their very unique thermale spring water that is proven to soothe all types of sentive skin since 1874. I'm sure that other peoples who have the same skin condition as me, find it hard to find the right type of moisturiser, as skin with eczema problem needs really sufficient moisturiser. I've found my perfect moisturiser that is Avene Skin Recovery Cream.

As indicated in the product insert, this cream helps to restore the hydrolipidic film and stengthen
the natural defense mechanism of the skin. It also provides effective and long- lasting protection as it contains high percentage of Avene Thermale Spring Water (67%).

I find this cream is very good, not only for skin with eczema, but also for skin that has been thinning due to cosmetic treatments like acne treatment. This is bcuz my skin do have acne before, and i have used plenty of acne topical treatment. This leads the surface of my skin to becomes thin and bcuz of that lots of problem arise. My skin has been renewed again to normal since i use this cream.

This cream is available at 40ml (RM74.90)


  1. Is it that good? facing the same problem. my skin is very sensitive ( oops, my secret is out)lol. hmm, may give it a try. haha

  2. havent try this product. but maybe i will after reading ur review on this product

  3. it is indeed good. i've tried it and i really satisfy with the product. my skin is not very dry anymore. i think everyone should give it a try to this product. :)

  4. my friend tried this product before. she used to have rashes easily and have dry skin. later she tried this product and it really helped her skin

  5. i get a lot of information about this product..thank you..n looking for ur new update.^^

  6. thanks for the comments from all of you. :) i'll update more about avene product.