Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Avene Non-Woven Facial Mask

Mask is also an essential part in our skin regime. A good mask can help to restore our skin natural balance. There's lots of masks out there to choose from, the one that can help retain moisture, retain skin elasticity or the one that can help balances skin oil. I've tried this mask from Avene that is Avene Non-Woven Facial Mask.

The reason why i would like to intoduce this mask to everyone bcuz after i used this mask, my skin felt full of moisture. It felt soft and supple. I love this mask because it was once soak with Avene Thermale Spring Water and because of that it help to soothe my sensitive skin instantly. Whenever i feel that my skin is red and itchy, i will use this mask and it calms my skin immediately.

(Price not available)


  1. I like your posts because it all comes from real experiences. At least i can trust on the products based on your recommendations

  2. i have no experience with that products but on the information posted i will buy one to mu girlfriend