Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other Skincare Range From Avene.......

All my other posts i mention about skincare for sensitive skin from Avene. Besides cater for sensitive skincare, Avene do have various types of skincare cater for all skin types. For instance normal, oily & blemishes, anti-wrinkles and other skin types. For this post, i would want to introduce to everyone the oily & blemishes skincare range from Avene.

I actually started to use Avene skincare range for oily & blemishes first, before i switched to its sensitive skincare range. I used this range while i was a teenager. As everyone know, during teenage life, we always have breakouts and oily skin. I experienced the same thing too. I hate pimples and oily skin! I started to find all sorts of skincare and medication to solve my problems. None of them work cuz oily & blemishes skincare always have the strong chemical ingredient in it. (salyclic acid & benzoyle peroxide) It worsen my condition. Part of my face is very dry and peeling.

Avene saved me! I first found Avene while i was watching TV.
Avene had this ads for its Thermale Spring Water in Astro and the ads caught my eye. I started to search for Avene products and i found it in Sasa.
The Avene range for oily & blemishes skincare are called Avene Cleanance.
It really worked on me!

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